Coming straight to the ears of queers across the globe, these are some of our favourite podcasts putting bi folks in the spotlight


Podcasts are the new radio. And that’s not just a catchy turn of phrase (although we do like those). In 2020 Bill Rosenblatt wrote for Forbes that though at earlier stages podcasts were enjoying a growth in popularity at the expense of music, this trend seems to have levelled out. Now, Bill claims, the majority of new podcasts listeners are coming from AM/FM radio.

The reasons why podcasts are so popular are varied. An article by UK music licensing organisations PPL PRS suggests podcasts owe their fame to the “on-demand” content they provide to audiences who love bingeing, and their bite-sized stricture (perfect for a busy lifestyle). But perhaps the biggest reason podcasts are taking over radio is the choice they offer listeners, argue the music experts. With a range of narratives and genres, this media format allows everyone to create a listening experience tailored to their taste. 

Of course, among the numerous podcasts going live every day, more and more LGBTQI programmes are also cropping up. In this series of articles titled Queer Wavelengths (see what we did there?), we explore different areas of LGBTQI podcast content, starting with some bi-centric programming.

Life Of Bi: A Slippery History Of Bisexuality

Life of Bi is a new eight-episode podcast series about the history of bisexuality in art and culture, written and performed by Mary Higgins and Ell Potter, with guests including Adjoa Andoh, Blu del Barrio, Lani Ka’ahumanu and Patrick Califia. The podcast explores bi invisibility and what it really means to be a modern bisexual person, hopping from Ancient Chinese legends, through the Lesbian Sex Wars and the AIDS crisis, to the queer TikTok scene in the process. 

Listen to Life Of Bi here

Bisexual Brunch

Produced for everyone who identifies as bi, Bisexual Brunch invites listeners to “come together and celebrate their sexuality”. Every episode, hosts Lewis Oakey and journalist Nichi Hodgson discuss important bisexual issues, including intersectionality, biphobia, bi representation in the arts and ethical non-monogamy. Producer Ashley Byrne also features in each episode, talking to interviewees about their personal bisexual journeys. 

Listen to Bisexual Brunch here


Pegged as a “bi-weekly” podcast, Bisexuali-tea was launched in 2018 as a response to the frustration of hosts Piper Hamm and Rin Ryan with the lack of queer representation in their college media community. Alongside tea drinking and life advice, episodes feature discussions on different aspects of life as a bi person, including online dating, bisexual icons, being in the closet and coming out, chosen families and queer media. 

These are just a small sample of the many LGBTQI podcasts out there (we left the NSFW ones for you to find at your own leisure), so keep your eyes peeled for our next article in the series, while you feast your ears on some quality bi content. 

Listen to Bisexuali-tea here


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