“Having proper representation will really start to challenge that inequality”


Football icon, TV pundit and DIVA Award winner Lianne Sanderson has announced that she is embarking on a groundbreaking new role. The gig? Overseeing the football section of ICM Stellar Sports Elite Women’s Sports division.

The super talented Lianne, who has won a staggering 50 caps for England, and played for leading clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea and Juventus, is ready to embrace this new position.

She says: “The chance to really make a difference to the woman’s game is a very exciting opportunity and one that I fully intend to make my own.”

It comes at a pivotal moment for women’s football. The game has never been so celebrated as it is right now. The FA Women’s Super League has a new TV deal worth over £45 million and over a billion football fans tuned in to watch the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

“Women’s football is finally getting the visibility and support it deserves and while we are a very long way off from matching the sort of deals you see in the Premier League things are moving slowly in the right direction.”

One of Lianne’s main aims is to help women’s football grow as much as possible. What does she think needs to happen to improve the game?

“What women football players really need is protection. At the moment a lot of players are having to negotiate their own contracts, which puts them at a big disadvantage and often they can feel pressured to agreeing things.

“Agents do so much more for clients than negotiate transfers; it’s about mentoring, helping with mental health, taking up commercial opportunities, making sure they can concentrate about football and not have to worry about a million other things. Having proper representation will really start to challenge that inequality.”

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