Queer joy, LGBTQI experiences and diverse representation – what’s not to love?


The Rainbow Spotlight is a theatre collective which aims “to show that queer experiences are human experiences”. It does create exclusively LGBTQI+ work, by queer and trans artists, but it’s for everyone. The collective stresses the significant, but often overlooked idea that LGBTQI+ experiences can be universal and are by no means exclusive. 

Their most recent programme, TRS2021, includes a variety of online productions. Exploring classic LGBTQI+ themes such as queer love, loss, self-discovery and identity, this programme covers everything from the light-hearted to the more serious, deeply relatable experiences of LGBTQI+ people. 

Their work champions hope, adding some much-needed diversity to the way in which LGBTQI+ stories are told. Giving us a break from the challenges that queer people can face, this programme will offer a platform for the brighter sides to queer life. This brilliant theatre collective will undoubtedly bring you very real queer representation and joy, made for and by LGBTQI+ creators. 

The first of the online shows, Love is Rubbish, is a solo performance featuring a character named Gina, who has fallen out of love with love. A story that is all too familiar for some of us! Another one to look out for is The Coming Out Monologues, parts one and two, bringing you a strikingly different perspective in the form of four individual characters. This show reflects that there is no set formula for the process of coming out. 

TRS2021 is on 20 – 31 July. Click here to buy the TRS2021 ticket which gives you access to all online productions, as well as the LGBTQI+ Theatre Q&A: ticketsource.co.uk/the-rainbow-spotlight

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