“To equate public display of love with indecency is shameful and only stigmatises LGBTQIA+ love”


Ahead of the Cayman Islands’ first official Pride parade this weekend, new regulations have raised concerns among some members of the LGBTQI+ community, including Colours Caribbean, a non-profit campaigning for LGBTQI+ rights in the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean and Latin America.

On Saturday 31 July, LGBTQI+ folks and their allies will come together to celebrate the inaugural Cayman Pride. This event, organised by the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation, is undoubtedly a historic moment. In fact, InterPride, the International Association of LGBTI Pride Organisers, describes it as “History in the making!”

However, there has been some concern over guidelines released by the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation following the ruling of the Cayman Islands Government. One of them specifically bans PDAs:

“Parade participants are required to refrain from improper conduct and public indecency including public displays of affection, whining or gyrating, exposing of private parts, public urination/defecation, etc.”

Colours Caribbean took to Instagram to share their stance on this matter:

“Pride was born as an event for the LGBTQIA+ community to increase its visibility; that is from being a socially segregated group to stand high and promote itself with pride, dignity and equality. Pride is the opposite of shame and social stigma and to equate public display of love with indecency is shameful and only stigmatises LGBTQIA+ love.

“As ever but more importantly this Saturday, Colours Caribbean fully endorses the public display of affection towards your romantic partner, regardless of your respective gender identity or sexual orientation.”

A statement posted on the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation’s Facebook page says: “We would like to inform the public that all rules posted on our social media pages are from the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation and has nothing to do with the Government Covid-19 Rules for the Parade.”

Here is the powerful post from Colours Caribbean in full.

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