It’s hilarious, touching and super queer


Heart To Heart is a brilliant queer romcom series created by IR Bell-Webb, directed by Lilah Vandenburgh and produced by Ardimages UK. Here’s what it’s all about.

21-year-old Liddy (Fern Deacon) wakes up after a major heart operation and is alarmed to discover that she can now speak directly to that very vital organ. Yes, her heart is talking to her. Voiced by David Tennant of Dr Who fame, Liddy’s failing heart knows exactly what it wants and that is to get Liddy a girlfriend before they both die. When Liddy’s nurse Kim (Siena Kelly) strolls over to her hospital bedside, the attraction is instant. But can Liddy keep it together long enough to get the girl?

The first episode of this fantastic queer love story was a big hit at BFI Flare and screened at 16 international film festivals including Outfest, Dinard, Encounters, Aesthetica and Queer Weiterstatd.

Now you have a chance to see not only the first ep, but the second too! So don’t miss this weekend’s awesome online screening event. There’s even a Q&A with the writer, director and lead actor, chaired by acclaimed pop culture writer Stitch.

You can join in the fun on Paus, a new tip-based streaming service. Screenings are free to view and viewers are encouraged to donate what they can. Donations go back to the filmmakers to help fund future episodes of Heart To Heart.

Heart to Heart is available to view exclusively on Paus from 18:00 Friday 20 until 18:00 Sunday 22 August 2021 . To sign up to the event, click here.

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