“I’m on a mission to keep DIVA representing all of us”


Hello Divas,

As if I’m writing this. It seems all prior knowledge of how to use words is evading me and the taps on my keyboard have never sounded louder. My names Char Bailey, I’ve been a Diva fan forever and having had the privilege of what I call “many toe-dipping moments” (such as hosting and guest writing), finally I’m the new features writer. I’m so excited!

I’m from Birmingham (is the lie everyone from Wolverhampton tells, it’s a smaller city in the midlands), otherwise known as the “Black Country”, bab. Home is where the heart is for me but in the last 10 years, since studying journalism in London, I’ve been pendulum style swinging between the cities. Being queer, and brown and black and autistic and uncertain, means that one of the safest places for me to be is with my UK Black Pride family where I’ve volunteered for the last four years.

I’m a Peak Performance coach and spend most of my days in the community facilitating workshops around wellbeing and mindfulness. I’m passionate about learning new things, sharing what I’ve learned and repeating that process. Everyone has something about them, and I know that one of the most interesting things about me is the simple fact that I’m interested. Or inquisitive as my dad would say or just downright nosey as some of my friends might say.

“You can’t be what you can’t see”, which is why I’m on a mission to keep DIVA representing all of us. I identify as lesbian, my gender expression is fluid, sometimes I’m tapped into the divine femme energy, sometimes I’m more masc. Other times I’m neither, but all the time I’m valid in my queerness, in my Blackness and in my joy. I want to continue to celebrate “the otherness” of us all. My beautiful (but sometimes terribly confusing) neurodiverse brain perceives the world in its own way. I want to ensure that DIVA continues to be a home for everyone, whether you look different or you look at things differently, between the pages of this magazine I have always found something that reminds me it’s ok to be me.

Here’s to the next chapter. Let’s go!

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