Nic Crosara opens up about their hopes for this next chapter


Greetings Earthlings!

My name’s Nic, I’m excited to be starting this new chapter at DIVA. I’ve been writing stories since I was three but I began my journalism journey in 2018 when I reviewed Dirty Computer. I have since frequently covered topics such as music, film and identity for Gal-Dem and interviewed a range of artists from Glenn Copeland to CHAI. Last year, I had the exciting opportunity to represent the South West as Regional Editor for Black Ballad’s Black Women in Britain series. 

Here are three fun facts about me: 

  • I was born in London, but since turning nine I have lived in various locations across the South West, landing finally in Bath. I am totally in love with this beautiful city. 
  • If my genderfluid self could have any superpower I would choose shapeshifting (gasps with shock).
  • I’m a Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon and Cancer Rising. But most importantly, I was born during Mercury Retrograde, so during the periods of time where everyone loses their minds I’m out here living my best life (apparently).

What do I hope this next chapter will look like?

DIVA has already been unapologetically bi and trans inclusive, as Carrie perfectly stated in their last editor’s letter. I hope to carry on the work that she and the rest of the DIVA team have done by raising the voices of QTIPOC from all walks of life. As someone who is in for a long engagement with my fiance, I’m interested in exploring queer marriages. I’d love to write about LGBTQI fashion icons, how technology can improve the lives of people from marginalised groups. I want to explore how transitioning looks different when you’re black. I want to raise working class queer voices. As a society, I think we focus a lot on the hardships of being a social minority. So I’ve always been passionate about making sure there are plenty of stories that also focus on joy. 

As well as continuing writing about topics I love such as mental health, art and identity, I’d love to explore areas of interest outside my comfort zone such as sex, travel and the environment. When I don’t have my writing hat on, I work as a marketer and despite what people think these two roles work perfectly together. There are a lot of transferable skills, one of them being knowing your audience and engaging with them. So I look forward to connecting with this wonderful community that DIVA has created, on social media, PodDIVA and more. 

Here’s to the journey! 


Nic x 


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