Let’s tear them down


Bisexuality is not one size fits all, and that diversity should be celebrated. As it is Bisexual Awareness week, we wanted to tackle some of the myths about bisexual people which, unfortunately, still seem to be circulating in 2021. Let’s tear them down.

“Bisexual relationships are one size fits all in terms of gender stereotypes”

It’s easy to project stereotypes observed typically in straight relationships onto bisexual people. But just because someone is more masc or femme presenting in a relationship does not mean they have to be attracted to someone of a different gender who presents the opposite. These ideas about binaries and gender stereotypes rule over the LGBTQI+ community and often do more harm than good.

“Bisexual people are confused or undecided”

Coming to terms with bisexuality can be confusing, and is made no easier by the heterosexual-coded world we grow up in. However, someone who is sure of their bisexuality, and embraces it proudly, is far from confused or undecided. Coming out as bi is a decision in itself!

“Bisexual people are inherently more sexual”

A seemingly outdated opinion of bisexual people, yet one which is still kicking around. Obviously, some bisexual people might enjoy sex a lot – good for them! But bisexuality does not mean you are inherently more sexual and some bi people don’t have sex at all.

“Bisexuality is exclusive to two genders”

Language plays an integral part in our understanding of bisexuality. Bisexuality refers to someone who is not exclusively sexually attracted to one gender. This includes those who are non-binary or gender non-conforming. Again, let’s free ourselves of the shackles of the binary, people!

“Bisexual people in relationships with the opposite gender are straight”

Someone’s current partner being a different gender to themselves by no means defines their entire sexuality, nor does it invalidate feelings for other genders. We can acknowledge the privileges afforded to those in relationships which appear cis and straight, without invalidating a person’s lived experience of bisexuality. Note appear because we will never really know! 


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