Things you can do this week (and all year round) to nurture your bisexual soul


Let’s talk about self-love, baby. It’s by no means easy, and it is something that we will all struggle with at times. Below are some things that help me when I’m feeling low from the trials and tribulations of navigating my identity.

Seek out representation

Seeing yourself reflected back at you in a positive way is a real confidence booster. Escaping into a fictional world is also a great way to relax the mind. Some of my favourite bisexuals are Dani Brown from Take A Hint, Dani Brown and Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Make a bi self love playlist

Music is medicine. So make yourself a playlist filled with bi anthems and dance around in your bedroom to relieve stress. If you don’t want to act as your own DJ, I’ve found this playlist for you and there are many others to choose from.

Set up boundaries

Recently I made a decision to correct people if they misgender me. Despite being out and proud, I’ve always shied away from this as I shy away from confrontation. This same energy can go a long way with combating some of the microaggressions we hear as bisexuals and I will definitely be more assertive when it comes to my sexuality now as well.

Take some time to reaffirm yourself

Setting up boundaries can be hard. It requires a level of confidence. Taking some time to reaffirm and validate yourself will make the above easier. You are valid. You are worthy.

Connect with others from the bi community

Remember, you’re not alone. Go out and join that bi meet-up group or go for brunch with your other bi friends. While not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do this, there are some great ways you can connect with the community online:


London Bisexuals Meetup Group

Bi Community News

Bi Pride UK

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