If you’re bi+ and looking to connect with the community, check out this list!


Community is a key contributor towards a good state of mental wellbeing. Here are some awesome resources available to bisexuals within the UK. Whether you’re looking for crafts, workshops or mental health resources – there’s something for you here. 


BiTastic is an annual workshop programme for bi+ people which takes place every year around Bi Visibility Day on 23 September. The event features a wide range of workshops and fun activities. BiTastic 2021 will be held online from 23-26 September.  


Biscuit was founded in 2014 and is a mixed purpose organisation catering to modern bisexual women, femmes and those assigned female at birth. For those interested in the intersection of biphobia and misogyny, check them out! 

Bi Survivors Network

The BSN are a group of bisexual survivors faciliating online support groups for surviors of sexual and/or domestic violence/abuse. BSN run bi-weekly chats via secure messaging and each session features a theme as a way to shape the healing conversations. 

London Bisexuals 

London Bisexuals is a safe and friendly environment for bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, queer, fluid or similarly non-monosexual people. Come along to make bi+ friends, hang out, chat and feel part of a community in a free-to-attend, informal environment. 

Stitch Bi Stitch

This is a London based group who meet monthly for those wanting a relaxed, free, sober meetup and, of course, to enjoy some crafting. 

Brum Bi Group

This group is a monthly social get together for bisexual people aged 18+ who currently meet every second Tuesday of the month through the year. 

Bi The Way

Bi The Way on Zoom, is a monthly social group for bisexuals over 50. The group is currently suspended pending recruitment of new co-facilitators, but definitely keep your eyes out for this one. 

Bi+ Ireland

Bi+ Ireland aims to create a space where bi+ people can make friends, access peer support and reduce any isolation they may experience. This group strives to increase the visibility of bi+ people in Ireland and to create diverse and welcoming communities. 

Liverpool Bi+ Group

This is a network for bisexuals, multisexual and questioning folk to gain support, guidance and friends. 

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