Tune in to hear from Rachel Shelley, Victoria Broom, Jack Monroe, Roxy Bourdillion, Sophie Duker & more


Hey DIVAs, have you been wondering how you can tune in to listen to the brand new podDIVA? We’ve got you covered! You can subscribe to podDIVA here, and stream it on your preferred platform 🎧

Our first episode, DIVA Debrief, is hosted by your faves Rachel Shelley and Victoria Broom. You’ll hear the dynamic duo discuss different sections of our November issue. They will take listeners on a journey across borders, in this weeks episode DIVAs get to follow Krisha for a day out in Spain. The pair also discuss the November article on Dating Over 50 and remind the audience the importance of punctuation with the iconic lines: “Back to dating Rachel Shelley” VS “Back to dating, Rachel Shelley”.

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As well as hearing from the hilarious Rachel and Victoria, you’ll get to hear from comedian Sophie Duker and her experiences being “a triple threat minority” and what she thought was her coming out to her mum moment.

Listeners will also get an exclusive sneak peek behind the DIVA photoshoot with our cover star Jack Monroe where our editor Roxy Bourdillon is given the important job of “tit watch”!

To read more about what we have in store for DIVA listeners in the coming weeks you can read our previous article here and if you’d like to get involved in any way please email poddiva@divamag.co.uk

For now, pour yourself a cuppa, grab your favourite snack and earphones, and dive right in.


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