Channel 4 Interim Chair Dawn Airey talks LGBTQI representation in media, Women’s Football and being brave

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Dawn’s appointment as Interim Chair of Channel 4 was confirmed by Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries this week BY ELEANOR NOYCE, IMAGES BY CHANNEL 4 Dawn Airey is the very definition of a trailblazer. One of the most powerful women in the media landscape, this week, she was announced as the Interim Chair of Channel 4, [….]

Dawn Airey

Ofcom appoints out lesbian Dawn Airey as Channel 4 non-executive director

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An important moment for representation at Channel 4, Dawn will serve on the Board for a minimum of three years BY ELEANOR NOYCE, IMAGE BY GETTY IMAGES Forming one of four new appointments, former Channel 5 executive and out lesbian Dawn Airey has been appointed a non-executive director at Channel 4. David Kogan (BBC, Reuters), [….]