Rosie Jones: “Nothing is off limits in terms of my love life and my sex life”

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We couldn’t think of a better cover star for our queer joy January issue. What a way to kick off the New Year! INTERVIEW BY ROXY BOURDILLON, IMAGE BY JIKSAW In this exclusive heart-to-heart, the northern comedian opens up about dating, coming out and why being a proud, disabled lesbian brings her so much queer [….]

Say hello to DIVA’s new editorial assistant, Eleanor Noyce

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“Before I came out, I used to read the pages of DIVA in secret” BY ELEANOR NOYCE, IMAGES BY ELEANOR NOYCE Hi DIVAs! My name is Eleanor, and I’m DIVA’s new editorial assistant. I’m originally from Hertfordshire, and I moved to the East End this September to pursue my London dream. When I’m not penning [….]

Jazz And Dice: A new lesbian radio drama full of heart

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“It’s based on my first experience of falling in love and delves into the complexities of coming to terms with your sexuality while being hopelessly in love” ILLUSTRATION BY ISOBEL PLATT Jazz And Dice is a warm and witty new BBC Radio 4 drama about family, love and secretly dating your best friend. We’ve all [….]

Rosie Jones will have you in stitches with her hilarious new travel show

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Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure will make you lol, make you learn, and make you lol some more BY CARRIE LYELL We’ve been fans of comedian Rosie Jones for a long time, but with her new Channel 4 travel show Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure, she’s fallen and landed right in our hearts. [….]

A close up of an older blonde woman wearing large black headphones. She has her eyes closed.

Meet the blind trans musician fighting discrimination in the industry

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Chrissie Cochrane is blazing a trail for others to follow BY SOPHIE PERRY, IMAGES VIA INSTAGRAM As a blind transgender woman, musician Chrissie Cochrane knows more than most about discrimination and the various forms it takes.  Born in New Zealand at the end of World War II, 76-year-old Chrissie was blind at birth as her [….]

Headshot Image description: Alice Sheppard is a light skinned multi-racial woman with brown, yellow and copper streaks in her curly hair short har. She smiles warmly and leans forward, resting her cheek on her hand. She is wearing a black long-sleeved top and a short gold necklace. Photo by Beverlie Lord.

DIVA meets Alice Sheppard, the disabled dancer challenging the industry

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“Theatres are ready for disabled audiences, but they aren’t ready for disabled artists” BY SOPHIE GRIFFITHS, IMAGE BY BEVERLIE LORD Alice Sheppard had no idea that life would lead her towards her love of dancing. She only took her first class after being dared to do so, but loved it so much that she resigned [….]