Phantom Feel

Tales Of The City star Lio Mehiel and artist Holly Silius collaborate on photography series Phantom Feels

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Exploring gender queerness and transmasculinity, Phantom Feels was inspired by Lio’s recent top surgery BY ELEANOR NOYCE, IMAGES BY KOBE WAGSTAFF Inspired by writer and actor Lio Mehiel’s top surgery, multidisciplinary artist Holy Silius has crafted a new series of stone body sculptures. Entitled Phantom Feels, the collection explores gender queerness and transmasculinity, with its [….]

DIVA publisher Linda Riley supports #LWithTheT in the face of transphobic BBC headline

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DIVA is a home for all LGBTQI women and non-binary people 🌈 BY ELEANOR NOYCE, IMAGE BY PIXABAY In a disappointing moment for public service broadcasting, the BBC has published an article headlined, “We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women”. A tirade including transphobic ideology, the piece platforms the “concerns” of a minority [….]