Marsha de Cordova reveals her stance on trans rights in an exclusive statement to DIVA 


In recent weeks transgender individuals have been facing attacks and debates surrounding their rights in the media more than ever. We have seen a recent growth of extreme and transphobic hysteria regarding the plans to the reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and it is unclear what the future will hold for trans rights in the UK.

Back in May, Labour’s new Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, Marsha de Cordova, spoke exclusively to DIVA to endorse her support of the LGBTQI community. 

She also revealed to us that she had written to Liz Truss, the Conservative Minister for Women and Equalities, urging her to provide clarity on her comments made at the Women and Equalities’ Select Committee, where Truss revealed a shocking plan to remove healthcare for transgender youth. 

In the midst of these debates and the uncertainty for the future of the rights upheld for transgender individuals in the UK, Marsha has spoken out about her stance on the matter. 

Marsha de Cordova

Marsha’s position is that she is: “Proud of our history of advancing LGBTQ+ rights. It was a Labour government that abolished the Conservatives’ hateful Section 28 and created civil partnerships, and Labour votes in Parliament were crucial for winning marriage equality.  

“Labour is absolutely committed to the rights of trans people and supports updating the Gender Recognition Act and upholding the Equality Act.

“This is a nuanced and fraught debate, one which is not appropriate to handle through social media or the leaking of review recommendations.

“We will be working closely with others, from all sides of the debate, in scrutinising the Government’s proposals once they are finally published.”

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