Adventures In Time And Gender unveils important milestones of transgender history 


Filmmaker and writer Jason Barker and director Krishna Istha have partnered with other trans and non-binary creatives and young people as well as academic researchers to create an exciting new podcast, Adventures In Time And Gender, which unveils important milestones of transgender history.

Adventures In Time and Gender is a light and quirky drama in which nothing is taboo. Topics like gender, science and history are instead playfully questioned. The all-star team of trans and non-binary performers includes Travis Alabanza, Luke Tyler Cunningham, Tallulah Haddon and Mzz Kimberley. 

This creative project unveils trans history by exploring the interdisciplinary dimensions of late 19th- and early 20th-century sexology – the scientific and medical study of gender and sexuality – within Western Europe and North America. 

It draws on research conducted by academics at the Universities of Exeter and Portsmouth as well as workshops with young trans and gender diverse people run in collaboration with the trans charity Gendered Intelligence.

Jason Barker, the writer of Adventures In Time And Gender, said: “Everyone has been trying to find ways to connect during this pandemic. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to connect online with a group of trans and gender diverse young writers to work on something as positive and creative as our podcast script. It was a powerful experience for all of us, to find connections to trans people of the past. Giving voices to those characters and then having them brought to life by the performers was our way of honouring our shared history.”

You can listen to the fascinating first episode of Adventures In Time And Gender below!

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