The couple announced that they are 12 weeks pregnant this morning 


After what has been the most difficult year for pretty much everyone, we’re thrilled that we can end the year with the wonderful news that our favourite YouTube couple, Rose and Rosie, are pregnant with their first child. 

In a video titled “Well one of us is pregnant!” posted to their channel this morning, Rose announces: “One of us is 12 weeks pregnant. It’s Rosie!”

After following every step of their journey online so far, from their early days as a couple, to their engagement and wedding day, we can’t wait to join them on the most exciting adventure of all: motherhood.

The YouTube super couple have been following their journey to motherhood on their podcast, Parental Guidance, throughout the year. If there’s any that we’ve learned from their podcast, it’s that they are going to be the best parents. 

Both Rose and Rosie also posted adorable pics to their Instagram pages holding a picture of a scan. Rose’s caption reads: “After the crappiest year we’ve got the best present. Can’t wait to meet you little frog.” 

In April, the pair announced that Rose had suffered a miscarriage in a heart-breaking Instagram post. Throughout it all, they continued to deliver hilarious and uplifting videos and explore the whole process of starting a LGBTQI family on their podcast.

In the video, Rose says: “It’s just got real for Rosie and I. Obviously nothing is ever a sure thing, but so far we’re doing good.”

Rosie replies: “I would have liked to have waited to until 20 weeks to tell you. But because our career is our lives it’s getting really difficult.” 

They go into more detail about Rosie’s pregnancy on their new Christmas episode of their podcast, Parental Guidance.

We are so thrilled for Rose and Rosie! What a way to end the year. In six months their lives will change forever… 🍼

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