The LGBTQI charity are making home learning more inclusive this LGBT History Month


Kicking off LGBT History Month with some great news, Just Like Us, the UK’s LGBTQI young people’s charity have made free home learning resources available on their website. The resources can be used by parents at home during lockdown if they are teaching Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children, with confidence that the materials are LGBTQI inclusive. 

Making home learning accessible for everyone, these resources are designed for any parent or carer (LGBTQI or allies) to be able to use them with their children and to make home learning fun, easy and inclusive for all. 

From worksheets and colouring packs to discussion prompts and scenario cards, the free resources are all made especially for children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Former teacher and Just Like Us’ Director of Education, Emma Fay, says: “We know that, as parents and carers, you can have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of your child. Though we have made great progress, 45% of LGBT pupils are still bullied at school because of their sexuality or gender identity.

“Only 5% told their parents when they saw online homophobic, biphobic or transphobic content. We hope that by engaging with our resources, we can support parents to continue encouraging their children to open up the channels of communication.

“We’re delighted to be able to share these resources we’ve created alongside Twinkl with parents and carers, and hopefully make home learning more inclusive. It’s also a great way for families to celebrate LGBT+ History Month, which was founded by Schools OUT UK, while doing home learning.”

Kate and Sharon (@LesBeMums)

Kate and Sharon, also known as @LesBeMums on Instagram, have been using the resources and have found them helpful as they tackle home learning. “As a two mum family we’re acutely aware of the percentage of children who are still bullied in school for being LGBT+. We also worry about children of LGBT+ parents, and whether they’re ever truly included. Resources like those created by Just Like Us in collaboration with Twinkl is exactly what’s needed in schools, and teaches children vital lessons about inclusion and acceptance.”

“No one should be exempt from learning about the differences in families, people, or communities. These resources created by Just Like Us in collaboration with Twinkl are a fabulous resource, and I encourage all families to take advantage of what they have to offer.”

“I’m absolutely thrilled to see these resources in the flesh and love how Just Like Us and have approached subjects such as differences and acceptance. It gives families like mine hope that children like ours and children who identify as LGBT+ will be treated as equals”.

To use these fantastic free resources from Just Like Us, click here.

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