Following yesterday’s news of Rhammel Afflick’s resignation, the whole Community Advisory Board has now resigned 


The entirety of Pride In London’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) has today announced its resignation from the organisation, citing a working culture that is fuelled by bullying, gaslighting and marginalisation, particularly towards Black and POC volunteers, as their reason.  

News of the board’s resignation follows Rhammel Afflick’s announcement that he had resigned yesterday, and the announcement that DIVA would be withdrawing support from Pride In London due to racism concerns and were calling upon Co-Chair Michael Salter-Church to resign in light of these allegations. 

Today’s resignation letter from the CAB calls for new leadership for the organisation going forward and for an independent investigation into the issues of marginalisation and bullying.

The CAB for Pride In London, made up of 10 individuals, was originally formed in 2012 as an advisory and scrutiny body. Its original aim was to help the organisation meet its commitment to openness and transparency and advise on different issues to help Pride remain as inclusive and accountable as possible. 

However, Pride In London has been criticised by the LGBTQI community in recent years for allowing UKIP to take part in the 2015 parade, for allowing police to march as part of the parade and for a toxic culture which erases and marginalises Black and POC voices. 

Ozzy Amir, Chair of the Community Advisory Board said in the statement released today: “There is a hostile environment at Pride In London which particularly impacts Black and POC volunteers. Pride In London has failed to safeguard volunteers, or even put in place a formal complaint’s procedure, despite years of recommendations by the CAB to do so. It is clear to us from the appalling accounts we have heard first hand from volunteers who have stepped down, and from those who have bravely gone on the record in the media, that Pride In London has failed in their duty to create an inclusive environment. 

He continued: “Recent actions taken by Pride In London confirm to us their failure to properly engage and listen to historically marginalised voices. Key decisions, such as the one involving police marching in the parade, do not align with their publicly stated values. Their repeated failure to take on board community advice has seriously undermined trust in the advisory process. We cannot be party to this any longer and have no choice but to make the difficult decision to resign. This is a pattern that keeps repeating and we no longer have confidence that the current leadership of the organisation is fit to take it into the future.”

For the full resignation statement sent to Pride In London and further information about the Community Advisory Board please visit

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